To the editor:

I was thrilled to learn that our county commissioners hired Beth Scheckelhoff as our new OSU Agriculture Extension Agent. As many people know, my law practice focuses on agriculture and small business, and I am deeply passionate about the success of our industry.

Beth is a brilliant academic and practical agricultural professional. She is competent to discuss the future of GMOs one minute and the nuances of hog manure management the next minute. As our residents get to know Beth, they will be awestruck by her inner beauty and in how her entire life as a wife, mother, and woman of God embodies the same values that we more “native” Putnam County folks respect and admire.

Welcome, Beth, and thank you for your willingness to help us keep and improve our way of life of feeding the world!

Lee R. Schroeder

Leipsic resident and

Attorney at Law at Schroeder Law LLC

Columbus Grove