PUTNAM COUNTY — Putnam SWCD is excited to announce they have been awarded a Nutrient Applicator Tool Grant through Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This grant is for the purchase and operating of a subsurface fertilizer applicator tool. This will be a great educational tool to showcase new technology in the fields of Putnam County.

Sign-up for this program will be from March 15th through April 15th. Producers are encouraged to come to the office and fill out an application and scoresheet. Each producer is limited to one field up to 100 acres over the course of 3 years. Putnam SWCD will be operating all equipment. Producers will be required to have a current precision soil test with a variable rate subscription from their retailer. Application will be free, fertilizer will be paid by the producer. We have reached out to retailers in the county and they are aware of how this program will work.

The district has purchased a 30-foot toolbar with dual fertilizer bins plus an additional bin for cover crops and/or micros; the lease of a tractor from Redline Equipment; and a gravity cart wagon to help haul fertilizer. The purpose of this tool is to variable rate phosphorus and place it 3 inches deep in the soil. The goal of the grant is to complete 3,000-5,000 acres over the course of 3 years.

Any questions or concerns please contact the office at 419-523-5159 or stop by the office.