GLANDORF — One race in the Nov. 5 general election is “too close to call,” and members of the Putnam County Board of Elections have announced a recount.

After receiving ballot results from Allen County, and while in the process of certifying election totals as a whole, the board determined the scant difference between the individuals placing third and fourth in the race for a seat on the Pandora-Gilboa Board of Education met the requirements for a state-mandated recount.

According to the final tally, Vance Nofziger — who, according to the currently accepted totals, took a third place showing behind Angie Basinger and Jill Torres — received a total of 269 votes, while fourth place Vanessa Wilson received just four fewer with 265. Even with the anticipated low voter turnout — the county average was just under 30%; higher than the state average, but not by much — those four votes triggered the need for a recount.

“When you have a multi position race, like the school board, and you have multiple candidates — in this case, six — what you do is, you throw out the first two — because they’re obvious winners — you tally the votes cast for third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, add that together, and multiply it by one half of one percent,” Board Member Tony Schroeder explained. “If that margin exceeds what the margin of votes cast between third and fourth place was, you don’t have to recount it. In our case, it did not, so it kicked it into an automatic recount, because the vote tally between third and fourth place is only four votes. That had to be at least six so we didn’t have to recount it.”

In addition to a recount in Putnam County — scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Dec., 3 — votes cast in Allen County will undergo the same process. As required by state law, letters were prepared to advise all candidates of the need. However, due to a concern the missives wouldn’t arrive until after the holiday — and the publication of reports in local media — election staffers Karen Lammers and Becky Hermiller agreed to make every effort to contact all six individuals by phone on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Although the requirement for a recount exists, the board certified the P-G School Board results as accurate and complete, as well as all other election results as reported in the Nov. 6 issue of the Sentinel.

The next regular meeting of the Putnam County Board of Elections is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 3, at 4:30 p.m. in the elections offices.