PUTNAM COUNTY — Saturday, June 12, was a busy day in Putnam County for 75 area youth and adults. Members of the St. George Deanery condensed work normally done in three days into one day for its annual YES (Youth Elective Service) workday.
On the almost 90 degrees hot sunny day, the team members worked hard to accomplish all the jobs. The YES group did work at nearly 30 sites around the county.
They washed windows, mulched, pulled weeds, gardened, cleaned out gutters, washed cars, painted, and even put together an entire swing set. One team helped with a Mary Garden, complete with a paver rosary,
A second team was able to cool off a bit in a resident’s pond while pulling weeds around the edge.
After spending the entire day working, the six teams joined together at Kalida St. Michael for a special Mass with Fr. Mark Hoying and to enjoy dinner.
One recipient of YES team work was questioned if she was happy with the work the team had accomplished at her home. “One hundred times YES,” she replied. She commented that the team had all done a wonderful job.
“It was such a relief to see them want to be there and work with each other to get the work done.”
“Thank you to all who helped in any way with this awesome YES day,” said Jill Zeller, St. Michael Youth Director.