By Joe Schriner

Herald Correspondent

BLUFFTON/EUGENE, OR. — Apparently, he wasn’t done yet.

Bluffton High School (Class of 2017) graduate Trevor Bassitt, after winning a bronze medal for “Team USA” in the 400-meter-hurdles the week before last in the prestigious Track & Field World Championships, followed that up with, none other than: a gold medal.

The circumstances were this…

Team USA’s highly touted 4x400-Meter Relay Team had a situation where one of the runners was also competing in an individual event, and wasn’t able to compete in the relay qualifying heat because, apparently, the two events were too close together.

Bassitt was not only asked to step in, but he was asked to run anchor in the qualifying heat. There was, oh, more than a bit of pressure, given the USA 4x4 Relay Team was a world powerhouse with eight gold medals in the past 10 years at the World Championships.

In the heats phase last week, Team USA, with Bassitt anchoring, had the fastest time of the night in the first heat, then had an American season-best 2:58:69 in the second heat.

The next night, with the original team back together, they ran a world-season-best of 2:56.17 to garner the gold. (Team USA earned 33 medals this year, breaking the record for the most medals ever won by a nation at a single World Track & Field Championship!)

Because Bassitt was a key part of this American 4x4 relay team milieu, if you will, he was also awarded a gold medal for helping the team qualify for the finals.

Incidentally, at the 2022 World Championship Indoor Games in Serbia last February, Bassitt won a silver medal in the 400, so he’s no stranger to that race, and is, in fact, emerging as a formidable runner in this event on the world stage as well.

Bassitt has twice been the Div. II “National Athlete of the Year” as part of Ohio’s Ashland University Track Team. He’s just graduated from that university last spring.

It was noted in a recent Runner’s World article that Bassitt doesn’t have a sponsor(s) yet. That will, most likely, change soon.