Residents of the county gathered to share in one voice denouncing the state of politics in our nation today and project hope for the future. See B1 for more on the event.
Residents of the county gathered to share in one voice denouncing the state of politics in our nation today and project hope for the future. See B1 for more on the event.
By Jaime Yant

Lifestyles Editor

OTTAWA - In George Washington's farewell address, he declared that two pillars were sustaining the nation, keeping it strong and free; one is religion and one is morality.

Pastor Larry Bibler, of Faith Assembly of Believers, sees this sentiment as absolutely true, yet something the country has gotten away from. That's why he and his wife Jan, along with other concerned citizens, have formed the Ottawa Patriots and held a Tea Party on the Courthouse lawn July 4.

"People are frustrated about what's happening in America and this gives them an opportunity to do something about the condition of America," said the Pastor. "We wanted to come up with something local going out to communities" in and around Putnam County.

Bibler said the whole purpose was to make the people realize that they need to get back the Constitution, back to God and back to prayer.

A sentiment reflected by other speakers.

"Today is a call of remembrance...a great occasion that we gather here this day," said David Wilson, Interim Pastor for Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Mercer County, as he addressed those in attendance.

Wilson reminded folks that the signing of the Declaration of Independence was really the beginning of a struggle to give Americans what they have today.

A self-confirmed patriot, Wilson also reminded them that "the government works for us," and not the other way around.

This idea was one of the foundations of the event.

"It's worth your while to get involved and be supportive in a more diligent way to support the issues that are coming against our country in the line of losing our freedoms," said Jan, who helped to organize the event alongside her husband.

"We are a land of the free and the brave and we are concerned about liberty for everyone," said Bibler.

Bibler says the efforts of the group are based on the principles and values of Glenn Becks 912 project, found at The project promotes the sacredness of family, justice, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, faith, and values like honesty, charity, courage and personal responsibility to name a few.

With approximately 275 in attendance according to Bibler, it is obvious residents throughout the county share many of these thoughts.

One resident, Laura Ellerbrock of Ottawa, felt it was important to bring her family to the event.

"We want our children to experience support for our country and respect for freedom," said Ellerbrock.

"I feel the government is taking too much control of our lives and we want our kids to understand how important freedom is," said the Ottawa mom.

The Ottawa Patriots plan to organize once a month to pray for the country and the issues concerning the welfare of America. The organization includes every race and creed, and is non-denominational and non-political. For more information on these meetings, contact Jan and Pastor Larry Bibler at 419-596-3492.

The Bibler's encourage those wishing to get involved to attend an Ohio Liberty Council rally planned for Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. in front of the State House in Columbus.